How do I ship my device?

Depending on which Buyer you have chosen to send you device to, will determine how you need to ship your device. Many will offer a Free Shipping service. Many will even send you a free shipping pack so you don't even have to package the device yourself. Others will allow you to print out a shipping label.

Our Top Ten Tips for Shipping: If you have been provided with a padded envelope by your buyer we would suggest you put a piece cardboard folded around your phone and tape the sides to stop it sliding about in transit. You can then put this in the padded envelope for added protection.

  1. Take a photo of your device before you send it
  2. Remember to fully charge your device
  3. Clear off any personal data & deactivate any linked iCloud accounts
  4. Remove the SIM and memory card if there is one
  5. Make sure the phone is switched off
  6. Pack your phone in strong rigid packaging
  7. Secure the device against movement
  8. Do not send more than two phones in the same packet unless using a courier
  9. Make sure your name & return address are clearly visible
  10. Remember if your cellphone or mobile device is valuable to opt for a tracked shipping method with insurance


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