Will I have to pay for shipping?

Generally No. Almost all of the phone buyers we feature on our site offer a Free Shipping service. Many will even send you a free shipping pack so you don't even have to package the device yourself.

Search for your phone and in the comparison results and if you click on the More Info below the phone buyer logo you can see whether the buyer will pay for shipping of your device and if they will send a shipping pack out to you. We will also tell you other useful info like ‘How long their offer is valid for’ and what payment methods they offer. If you are searching using a mobile device then to get More Info simply touch the Buyer’s logo.

Tip: if your phone is a higher value model and worth more than $50 we recommend sending it by courier rather than using the Free Shipping option, because it means that your device is tracked and insured. You should be very careful when you package your item to make sure it is not damaged during transit. If you still have your device’s original packaging, sending it this way is a fantastic way to send it. If you do not have the original packaging, make sure that you cushion your item well. You can use bubble wrap, cardboard or other packaging material to cushion your item.

For more advice on how to ship your device check out our Top Ten Tips for Shipping.


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