What is an ESN number?

The ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is a serial number unique to each and every CDMA phone. A CDMA phone typically does not have a SIM Card and is usually Verizon, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, Cricket or Alltel.
An ESN may NOT be clear for activation by a new user for the following reasons:

  • The device is still "Active" on your account
  • The account associated with the device has an outstanding balance
  • The device has been reported as lost or stolen

An ESN can also be referred to as an MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) .This number is tied to a carrier and helps record the activity and status of the device.
Prior to our inspection, we will check to ensure that the ESN has been deactivated. If the ESN is not clear for activation, we will notify you via email and hold the item for 5 days. We will ask you to contact your wireless service provider and clear any issues that are causing your item's ESN to be active so that we can pay you the full amount.
Unfortunately, if you are unable to clear your ESN for activation, we will consider your phone to be in "Poor" condition, since it is only worth its value in parts and cannot be activated by a new user.
Verizon phones can now be checked through their "Activate Phone or Device" page.


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