Will I still be able to sell my broken phone or tablet?

Yes: almost all of the phone buyers featured on our site will still pay you for a phone that's not working. To find out how much your phone is worth just enter the make and model of your phone into the search box at and click Search. Or you can click on the make of your phone below the search box, and then on the picture of your device.

1) You can use the filters to search based on the condition of your phone:

  • Good
  • New
  • Broken/Damaged

2) If required you can specify which Carrier you are connected and Memory Capacity.
3) Then you'll see a page that lists all of the different cell phone buyback companies and the prices that they will pay you for your phone based on the condition you identified in step1. Just choose which Buyer to sell your device to and Click "SELL NOW"

If you click on the More info below the phone buyer logo you can see whether the recycler will pay for shipping of your device and if they will send a shipping pack out to you. We will also tell you other useful info like ‘How long their offer is valid for’ and what payment methods they offer. If you are using a mobile device to get the More Info simply touch the Buyer’s logo.

How do we define a broken device?


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